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Young consumers are fueling guitar sales during the pandemic. 

Sep 14 2020

Young consumers are fueling guitar sales during the pandemic. Pre-pandemic, sales of electric guitars were dropping, and some have allegedly considered the instrument a “Boomer relic.” (Though we don’t totally buy that considering how many Gen Z and Millennial musicians are guitar-focused.) But during the pandemic, guitar brands are having a record year. Teens and young adults, the majority female, are fueling the “guitar revival” and putting their own “generational stamp” on the instrument. Online retailer Sweetwater says “everyday is Black Friday,” while Taylor Guitars (who supplies instruments for Gen Z-favorites Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber) have seen a similar “famine-to-feast rebound.” Instructional sites like and GuitarTricks saw spikes in views this spring, while instructional app Fender Play saw its user base increase from 150,000 to 930,000 between March and June. Nearly 20% of new users were under 24-year-olds, while women accounted for 45% of the “new wave.” (NYTimes)