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Have COVID and Millennials “killed” non-digital gyms? 

Jul 01 2020

Have COVID and Millennials “killed” non-digital gyms? Gen Z and Millennials (who account for 50% of fitness club members) were already beginning to lose interest in annual membership fees, as on-demand and “pay as you go” models became more popular—and COVID-19 accelerated the disruption of fitness space. At-home fitness tech like Mirror and Peloton have experienced “record sales,” and YPulse’s The Next Wave of Health and Fitness report found that 48% of 13-39-year-olds have cancelled their memberships since the start of the outbreak. How many will return is in question: According to data from activity tracker Fitbit Inc., young people in the U.S. are taking longer to return to pre-pandemic levels of activity. (Venture Beat, Insider)