The pandemic is sparking a boom in online learning for adults. 

The pandemic is sparking a boom in online learning for adults. YPulse’s exclusive COVID research found that 34% of 13-39-year-olds are interested in taking online lessons to learn a new skill, while 30% are interested in using an educational app or site—and clearly many are doing so. Online classes that teach new languages, coding, or even calligraphy are seeing surges in sign-ups. According to online learning community Skillshare, daily viewership and time on site have more than tripled since last year. Professional certifications on topics like stock trading and software have gotten big bumps, hobby skills like Pilates and playing the ukulele grew 400% and 300%, while technical drawing saw the biggest rise at 900%. Meanwhile, Coursera Inc. said 10 million users have signed up for its classes between March and May—a 600% annual increase. Niche learning firms like Codeacademy and Gotham’s Writers Workshop have also seen spikes in their subscribers. (WSJ)