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The Internet Hates This Recipe Video On The Viral List

That recipe video taking over Twitter isn’t even a parody, internet queen Lizzo inspires fans to take a DNA test, a Gen Z teen uses TikTok to protest school policies, and more news the next generation is engaging with online this week… 


1. This Absurd Recipe Video Is an Abomination

A recipe video is going viral for being absolutely absurd. Quick cooking videos from the likes of BuzzFeed Tasty have become a social media staple, but sometimes they get out of hand. According to Mashable, Twisted Food created what they’re calling a “Deep Fried BBQ Chicken Stuffed Pizzadilla,” a monstrosity with over 30 ingredients. The video of the cut-together process has over 21.3 million views on Twitter, and re-posters caption it with grievances like, “I’m calling the FBI,” per @yashar, and “I can’t tell if I’m more offended as an Italian or as a human with a tongue,” per @everywhereist. People’s food editor tried to recreate the recipe, and he summed up the end result on Twitter: “I expected to like it in a gross-good kind of way. But the mixture of the sweet bbq sauce, the pizza sauce and the dill sour cream…truly one of the most vile things I’ve ever eaten.”

2. Everyone Is Doing The Lizzo DNA Test

What % “that bitch” are you? The internet is finding out the answer with a new quiz from Spotify that takes a selfie and reports back your sassiest DNA result, per BuzzFeed. Lizzo’s song “Truth Hurts” features the line, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch,” and it’s hard not to understand why this became a meme. The Daily Dot reports that people are breaking down their DNA by other factors like finding out they’re “100% still gay and anxious,” or in the case of Busch Beer’s branded attempt, “100% that Busch.” This isn’t the Gen Z music artist’s first brush with internet fame—in fact, she’s a social media darling, beloved for her body positive (and just positive in general) presence.


3. A Gen Z Teen Organizes a School Strike On TikTok

A teen is using TikTok to protest unfair labor practices in her school district, standing up for teachers that were promised a raise they didn’t receive. Gillian Sullivan posted a video to TikTok meant for fellow students at Clark County School District in Nevada, but her crusade caught the world’s attention. BuzzFeed News explains that teachers were promised a raise for taking higher education courses, but after they completed the credits, the school district fell through on their end of the promise. In the post, 16-year-old Sullivan asks students to strike on September 5th in response. The TikTok has more than 154k views and 39k likes, while several tweets reposting the clip are also going viral. The latest update from the teen is that her TikToks worked, and the teachers are getting their raises.


4. Billie Eilish Gets a Bald, Shirtless, and Unapproved Magazine Cover

Another Gen Z music artist has made the viral list this week, but not in the light-hearted way Lizzo did. BuzzFeed News reports that Billie Eilish called out Nylon Germany this week for putting an animation of her on their cover where she is, essentially, a shirtless and bald cyborg being. According to Eilish, neither her nor her team were asked permission to use her likeness. Fans have rallied to her side, pointing out that showing Eilish shirtless is especially troublesome for the seventeen-year-old who has made a concerted effort to keep her body out of the public eye. (She explained in a Calvin Klein campaign that her privacy is the reason she wears baggy clothes, per BuzzFeed News). Nylon Germany has taken the post down and apologized for “confusing or insulting” Eilish, saying, “It was only ever our intention honor Billies impact and her work.”

5. Links to Pass:

Popeye’s viral chicken sandwiches were so popular that they sold out nationwide, an influencer’s identical cloud patterns gave away her photoshopping (and she doesn’t care), pumpkin spice cold brew is here and so are its haters, milkmaid garb is taking over fashion Instagram, and that viral construction guy got sponsored by Slim Jim.