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Tiger Beat’s Reboot: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Teen classic Tiger Beat is getting a reboot, LOL is so over, moms are going to Millennial daughters’ bachelorettes and more Millennial and teen tidbits and trends you shouldn’t miss this week…


1. Tiger Beat Rebooted

We dug inside the pages of Teen VogueSeventeen, and Nylon (so you don’t have to) to find the most interesting teen trends, fashions, rising stars, and more that young consumers are reading about this month—but don’t miss the big news about another classic teen magazine: Tiger Beat is getting a major makeover. A group of investors has purchased the publication to bring it back to popularity, and turn it into a media empire.

2. LOL Is So Over

LOL, the internet abbreviation for “laugh out loud” that older Millennials grew up with, has faded in popularity. Don’t miss Facebook’s study, which found “haha” and emoji are far more popular ways of communicating laughter than LOL. In fact, even “hehe” is more popular. CNN posits that “LOL, but it likely started its downhill journey when parents and grandparents picked it up. (Parents adorably started using it incorrectly in text messages, mistaking it for ‘lots of love.’ )” Facebook did in fact find that users of LOL skew older. Of course, LOL leaves behind it ROFL and LMAO. Never forget.

3. PEZ: The Movie

Our list of movies inspired by things Millennials already know and love is only growing: not only has a Dungeons & Dragons film gotten a green light, but yet another childhood favorite is making its way to the big screen. Don’t miss the unexpected news that PEZ the candy is becoming PEZ the movie. The film will be animated, and it is not yet clear how the dispensers will be featured.

4. Mom at the Bachelorette

From bro-dal showers to YouTube-able proposals, Millennials are putting their own spins on wedding traditions. We looked at five trends the new generation of brides and grooms are fueling, but don’t miss one more: according to the New York Times, Boomer moms are coming to their Millennial daughters’ raunchy bachelorette parties. A lot of these moms didn’t have their own bachelorettes, as the traditions started in the ‘90s, and moms and daughters’ closer relationship makes them feel like one of the girls. Not everyone is a fan of this trend.

5. Links We’re Passing

Just in case you weren’t paying attention to the Twitter wars of the week, you should not miss Tinder’s epic tweet meltdown in response to Vanity Fair’s article on modern dating trends involving the app. The 30 tweet rant was angry and quickly went viral. The tirade included messages like, “@VanityFair Little known fact: sex was invented in 2012 when Tinder was launched.” The app has since said they “overreacted.”