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Love for the Haters: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Everything you may have missed this week that made news in the Millennial world:

1. The Voice of LGBT
Our infographic snapshot of Millennials and LGBT revealed that 77% are in favor of legal rights for same-sex marriage in the U.S. and that 42% would boycott a brand that actively opposed LGBT rights. This sentiment saw action this week when OkCupid urged its daters to boycott Mozilla Firefox due to new Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s support of anti-gay marriage amendment Prop. 8. Do not miss the news that Eich has resigned as CEO following the backlash. Though his $1000 donation supporting the ban of gay marriage in California was made six years ago, Millennials expect more and will fight for what they believe in using the power of the masses.

2. Love for the Haters
The acceptance for different sexual identities grows and some brands are beginning to actively support and stand by minority couples in their marketing (i.e. Cheerios interracial couple). Honey Maid’s recent “This is Wholesome” campaign showcased all types of different families, but received extreme negativity from conservative viewers. We don’t want you to miss Honey Maid’s reaction to the haters, which turns the negative comments into positive and inspiring art that speaks to Millennials’ emotional connection with their causes.

3. Fashioning Millennial Content
In this week’s Essentials we let you know about Disney’s acquisition of major YouTube network Maker Studios. Don’t miss the virally clued in network making headlines again for a partnership with Macy’s to produce an online series called “The Next Style Star.” The online reality show will follow Millennial stylists facing-off in a competition to win $10,000, and will enter Macy’s into the category of brands taking their social content to the next level with original, Millennial-influenced programming.

4. Self-Diagnosing Data
Millennials have become wired to research from combing through the massive amounts of information online, but new apps are allowing Millennials to use their personal data to improve the efficiency of their daily lives. Don’t miss the introduction of app Curious, a platform that allows medical patients to come together and share their first-hand experiences. The app acts as a “communal tracker” by measuring patient movement and symptoms, and could start to uncover new correlations for certain sicknesses.

5. Links We’re Passing
Celebrities have been “hipsterized” on Tumblr, complete with tattoos, thick black frames, beanies, and bowties. While the hipster stereotypes prevail, and are mocked by Millennials themselves, don’t miss the duo that is debunking judgment with their photography project Metal Cats. The collection of images features metalheads with their pet cats, showing a softer side to the dark metal music community.