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The Year in Warby Parker: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’re bringing you the biggest news in media, entertainment, tech, fashion, and marketing to keep you updated on what’s happening in the Millennial world. Don’t miss it!

1. Lessons in Cologne Safety
This week we announced Ypulse’s upcoming dashboard, which will give you access to millions of Millennials, along with vital data and insights about the generation. The dashboard will also bring you featured case studies from our clients to keep you in-the-know on top industry research. Don’t miss one of our latest projects, a study with Old Spice to help guys “Scent Responsibly.” We found that 67% of young guys are overspraying their cologne, and Old Spice is here to “end the epidemic.” The accompanying media campaign “Smellcome to Manhood” gained recognition as Adweek’s “Ad of the Day” this week.
2. The Brightest Millennials Among Us
We discovered a lot about life after YouTube fame from our Q&A with Chester See, Taryn Southern, and Lia Marie Johnson, stars of the first long-form musical drama on YouTube and members of the social media elite. In terms of rising stars, don’t miss Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of Millennials making an enormous impact across a variety of industries, from law and media to energy and tech. The founders of Pebble, Tinder, Kik Messenger, SnapChat, Songza, Tumblr, Mashable, Oyster, Thought Catalog, and Artsy all make the list.
3. The Intersection of Fashion & Tech
Our predictions for 2014 included a slow down in the world of fast fashion, marking higher prices along with improved quality, and wearable tech making a real effort to enter the mainstream consumer market. We’ve explored the fact that wearable tech must be either gorgeous or invisible, so don’t miss news of new partnerships between tech and fashion with a Fitbit and Tory Burch collaboration and wearables from Millennial fashion arbiter Opening Ceremony and Intel.
4. The Year in Warby Parker
Known for their Millennial cultured aesthetic and creative disruption mentality, Warby Parker is a start-up turned industry leader that is changing the way brands do business. You do not want to miss the Warby Parker 2013 Annual Report, a 365-day account of the company’s happenings filled with drawings, anecdotes, GIFs, and milestone news. The report is a great example of the transparency, visual communication, and quirky fun that are at the core of the company’s values, and keep them engaging Millennial consumers.
5. Links We’re Passing
In the last week of 2013, a branding expert revealed that Millennials don’t trust Jay Z, thanks to overexposure, a luxury lifestyle they can’t connect with, and a policy of staying guarded about his life instead of opening up to fans. Perhaps in an attempt to connect more organically, Jay Z brought a 12-year-old fan onstage to rap at his concert this week– a “charming” moment that made Jay feel more personable. In other young and talented music news, don’t miss this beatboxing 1-year-old who is already beloved by over 10.8 million viewers.