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This Year, We’re Giving You Even More Access to Millennials

Happy New Year from Ypulse!


Some BIG (and awesome) changes are coming your way in 2014: we’re giving you access to millions of Millennials!

That’s right, we’re taking the tools we’ve used to learn everything we know about Millennials and putting them into your hands with our new dashboard. In the coming months, Ypulse subscribers will have access to even more breaking news, data, trends and insights on Millennials, making you smarter about the largest, most influential generation…

Here’s a preview so you can see what we’re talking about:

In addition to the Ypulse Daily Insights that you already know and love, the new Ypulse will include:

  • Instant statistics provided in real-time from the pool of more than 2 million Millennials that use our Thumb social media platform

  • Biweekly Ypulse data feeds drawn from 26 nationally representative studies with a thousand Millennials each wave – more than 26,000 interviews a year to keep you on the inside track

  • Visually stimulating infographics serving up timely and helpful stats

  • Quarterly reports on the most pertinent Millennial trends and data

  • Tools to customize and personalize your experience

If you liked us before, you’re going to love us now. Keep your eyes open for the exciting new tools we’ll be launching in the coming months!  If you would like to learn more about our coming developments, and be included on a limited list of early subscriber pricing for our new dashboard, email
The Ypulse Team