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No Photos Allowed: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve said goodbye to 2013 and have rounded up the most trendworthy news leading into the New Year to keep you in-the-know with Millennials. Don’t miss it!

1. Riding the Uber Wave
We’ve been tracking car service Uber for the past year, especially their marketing wins like ice-cream on demand and cuddly kitten delivery. While we touched on speculation that the company may one day be valued higher than Facebook, recent publicity for Uber has been harsh, at best. Don’t miss the price surge of New Year’s Eve that saw fares skyrocket to seven times the average amount and had customers wary of being ripped off.

2. Tablets in Transition
Our 2013 tech roundup discussed the decline in demand for today’s tablets, so don’t miss the latest in market disruption: “a tablet so cheap it’s disposable.” Datawind has released the Ubislate 7Ci priced at $37.99, initially to provide internet access in developing countries but now transitioning to the U.S. where its applications are stepping outside of the traditional tablet box. Millennials looking for a cheap alternative to expensive tech might find the Ubislate advantageous, not having to worry about costly damage or replacement.

3. Social Media Movie Predictions
Young adult book adaptations made it into our list of Trends to Watch in 2014, so don’t miss the social media numbers that illustrate our predictions. Social mentions for the film adaptation of Divergent jumped 6x in November 2013 during the trailer’s release, drumming up anticipation before Hunger Games: Catching Fire hit theaters. The Divergent series has been loyal to its fan base by giving them promotional sneak peeks months in advance of the movie’s March 2014 release date, but with rising excitement comes high expectations.

4. No Photos Allowed
We’ve talked a lot about selfies this year, recently covering James Franco’s musings as the unofficial “selfie king” and the snap happy nature of mobile users, but we don’t want you to miss the flip side of this trend that has NYC nightclubs banning photos outright. Certain clubs are aiming to protect their cool factor and return to “grass-roots night life” instead of perpetuating the social media spotlight. The bans have raised both praise and outrage from party goers, taking Millennials back to the “be here now” mindset, but losing shareability, and possibly likability, in the process.

5. Links We’re Passing
As the rise of video continues, don’t miss this 23-minute compilation of the Best Vines of 2013, highlighting some of our Millennial Vine standouts like King Bach and Jerome Jarre. Entertainment networks could learn a thing or two from these self-made stars who aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves, or their friends, for the sake of a 6-second pun. Also on our links list is an animated short that recaps the biggest moments in pop culture from the last year with everything from Paula Deen to the Pope.