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Teen Mag Roundup

Today we’re reading Teen Vogue, Seventeen and M so you don’t have to, giving you an inside look at what teens are saying, doing, wearing and listening to this summer…and why.


Covergirl: Nicki Minaj was an early-adopter of MySpace and represents a social media rise to fame, discovered after self-publishing songs online. The interview emphasizes how Nicki draws inspiration from connecting online with her fellow-Millennial fans and trusts their opinions on her upcoming ventures, checking Twitter after ever episode of American Idol and saying her clothing line will be “fan-sourced.” Young Millennials especially have become accustomed to having this kind of daily contact and connection with the celebrities they love.

Stat to Note: One person dies of melanoma every hour in the U.S. While tanning beds had their day in the sun, they are starting to be less frequented by young people who are more aware of the harms of fake tanning. Millennials can add sun exposure to the list of things considered harmless by previous generations but are now known to be dangerous.

Movie Watch: The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola’s latest film, comments on adolescent rebellion, based on a true story of fame-obsessed Millennials made notorious for stealing from the closets of celebrities. The movie gives an exaggerated look at how young Millennials’ desires for fame and money can be perpetuated by the digital age.

Fashion Forecast: UK-based retailer Topshop is teaming up with actress Kate Bosworth for a 30-piece design collaboration of refreshed festival-wear, including the crop top, prairie dress, and laser-cut aesthetics that we’ve seen across the nation so far this summer. Ypulse reported last week on the frenzy of festival-inspired clothing lines from popular retailers ASOS and Forever 21, so it is fitting that more brands are capitalizing on this fashion movement.



Covergirl: Constantly in the limelight as a star in the hit ABC Family TV series Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale’s interview touches on self-esteem issues and the idea of perfection. It also reveals that the young TV actress will be releasing a country album in the fall. Post-Taylor Swift, we could expect the once requisite starlet pop album to be countrified.

Stat to Note: 93% of Seventeen readers say they are “into” seeing stars with no makeup, a statistic that aligns with the natural beauty comeback mentioned in this month’s M.

Website to Know:, a site that tracks clothing featured in popular online images and finds where similar items can be purchased. With the growth of fashion bloggers and micro-celebrities, the amount of fashion images online is astronomical, and tools to filter through them and match their looks could be in demand.

Sign of the Times: Millennial girls are on the receiving end of a lot of empowerment messages. The June/July feature article highlights the “girl power” non-profit Chime for Change, “a new global movement of girls helping girls” founded by Gucci. The issue profiles three young women who are on a mission for change, including 18-year-old Talia Leman, the founder of nonprofit Randomkid, who asked kids to collect coins instead of candy for Halloween as a disaster relief effort for Hurricane Katrina, raising over $10 million.


M Magazine

Coverboys: Like last month’s J-14, One Direction nabs the majority of this cover, and “get personal” inside, revealing that the awkwardness of being a teenager is a universal experience. Readers get the inside scoop on Louis’ best friend (his mom), Harry’s so-called “dorky days,” and Niall’s grin post-braces.

Musicians To Watch: Boy band Emblem3 and girl band Little Mix are both mentioned in the mag.

Trend to Watch: Natural beauty is making a comeback. Organic remedies are the new focus of skincare, with all-natural Vitamin C recommended to keep skin glowing. Demi Lovato, a young entertainer known for her personal struggles with body image, tweeted in support of natural beauty, advocating for no filters and no makeup, and garnering 80,000 retweets.