Behavioral reports keep you up-to-date on Gen Z and Millennials' everyday lives and preferences.

Trend reports guide you through the major cultural shifts these generations are fueling.

Special reports are expert explorations on current event topics and brand affinity.

Western Europe
WE Life Milestones and Future Plans Report
Young Europeans’ lives were turned upside down by COVID, and two years of upheaval forc...
North America
Life Milestones and Future Plans Report
Gen Z and Millennials’ lives were turned upside down by the pandemic, causing many to m...
Western Europe
WE Mental Health Report
Mental health has long been a priority for Gen Z and Millennials, but the past two year...
North America
The In-Between Trend Report
As we enter 2022, we've been exploring Gen Z and Millennials’ mindsets and found t...
North America
Mental Health Report
For Gen Z and Millennials, mental health has always been a priority, but the continuing...
Western Europe
WE Insurance Report
The majority of young Europeans believe that everyone should have some kind of insuranc...
North America
Insurance Report
The pandemic significantly impacted young consumers’ personal finances, leading many to...
Western Europe
WE Auto Report
Young Europeans are largely a generation of car owners, and the pandemic only increased...
Western Europe
WE Pop Culture Redefined Trend Report
What cultural moments matter to young people today? Gen Z and Millennials have transfor...
North America
Auto Report
Last year, YPulse looked into the impacts of COVID on a variety of young consumers'...
North America
Biggest YScore+ Rises and Falls of 2021 Special Report
Using YPulse’s exclusive youth brand tracker, this special report is an in-depth analys...
Western Europe
WE Luxury Report
As young Europeans’ finances recover from the pandemic, so is their interest in high-en...