Behavioral reports keep you up-to-date on Gen Z and Millennials' everyday lives and preferences.

Trend reports guide you through the major cultural shifts these generations are fueling.

Special reports are expert explorations on current event topics and brand affinity.

Western Europe
WE Winter Holiday Plans Report
The pandemic altered many holiday traditions across Western Europe last year, and this ...
North America
Winter Holiday Plans Report
After the pandemic altered many holiday traditions last year, young people’s winter hol...
Western Europe
WE Holiday Shopping Plans Report
After a holiday season like no other in 2020 (and another rough year in 2021) young Eur...
North America
Holiday Shopping Plans Report
After a very unprecedented 2020 holiday season filled with financial repercussions, lac...
Western Europe
WE Shopping for the Home Report
Though Gen Z and Millennials in Western Europe say they’re ready for COVID to end so th...
North America
What’s Next For Work Trend Report
The COVID pandemic has provoked monumental change for young people and their careers. M...
North America
Shopping for the Home Report
Young people spent the last year focused on making their spaces as comfortable and comf...
Western Europe
WE COVID Impact Update Report
It's been more than a year and a half since COVID shutdowns began in Western Europ...
Western Europe
WE Future of Experience Report
When COVID hit, live experiences were forced to pack up and hibernate a while. Events w...
North America
BIPOC Brand Affinity Breakdown Special Report
Using YPulse’s exclusive youth brand tracker, this special report is an in-depth analys...
North America
Thanksgiving Plans Report
While young consumers are feeling more comfortable going back to the holiday traditions...
Western Europe
WE Millennial Parenting Report
Nearly half of Millennials in Western Europe are parents, and that number promises to k...
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