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Behavioral reports keep you up-to-date on Gen Z and Millennials' everyday lives and preferences.

Trend reports guide you through the major cultural shifts these generations are fueling.

Special reports are expert explorations on current event topics and brand affinity.

North America
Travel and Outdoors Report
As the travel industry recovers, Gen Z and Millennials are ready to release their pent-...
Western Europe
WE Hobbies and Passions Report
After years of screen-centric entertainment, young Europeans are still spending more of...
North America
Main Character Energy Trend Report
The past two years have been a time of reevaluation, reassessment, and realizations for...
North America
Hobbies and Passions Report
The pandemic shifted Gen Z and Millennials’ hobbies to be comforting, entertaining, and...
Western Europe
WE Sports and Athletics
As the sports industry recovers from the pandemic, young Europeans are eager to get bac...
Western Europe
WE Buying Into Crypto and NFTs Trend Report
The value and future of NFTs and crypto seem to be debated daily. But one fairly consis...
North America
Sports and Athletics Report
As the sports industry recovers from the impact of the pandemic, young people are expre...
Western Europe
WE Religion and Spirituality Report
YPulse has been tracking young consumers’ shift away from religion and toward spiritual...
North America
Religion and Spirituality Report
For years, YPulse has been tracking young peoples’ thoughts and feelings about religion...
Western Europe
WE Media Consumption Report
Video content became even more central to young Europeans’ lives during the pandemic, w...
North America
Media Consumption Report
Young consumers are celebrating the freedom of post-pandemic life by moving away from t...
Western Europe
WE Food Shopping and Trends
Young Europeans’ grocery shopping habits were altered by the pandemic as online shoppin...