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Q3 2018 YPulse Trend Report: And We’re Live, Unplugged, Treat Yo’Self

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Livestreaming services and social media’s newest features have created a new era of live content that is changing entertainment—and young consumers are watching. The majority of 13-36-year-olds tell us they’re streaming live video regularly, and three in four say they’re watching up to an hour of this type of content every day. Going live means being more authentic and more creative in finding ways to hold interest—and it’s trending among brands who want to stand out among marketing clutter. This trend looks at where young viewers are going for live entertainment, what interests them most about it, how brands have used it to their advantage, and the most effective ways of going live.



Smartphones, social media, and other devices/services are taking up more of Millennials & Gen Z’s time. And they’re starting to question how much of their lives tech is taking up. Cutting back on digital clutter is becoming an essential aspect of mental health maintenance as more young users place limits on their own device and platform use, embracing digital detoxing. Their craving for IRL experiences and social interactions also plays a part, and companies that offer experiences that ask them to set down their smartphones are gaining steam. Meanwhile, startups and major tech brands alike are creating innovative ways to provide unplugged moments. This guide to all things digital detox will keep you up to date on how Millennials & Gen Z are powering down.



“Treat yo’self” has become a motto among Gen Z and Millennials who are looking for the extra encouragement to splurge. Indulgences are being encouraged as they increasingly spread the message that little luxuries are good for their mental health. Over nine in ten young consumers tell us that they like to treat themselves every once in a while, and the majority say that indulgences are part of a healthy lifestyle. But what do these splurges look like, and how often are they occurring? What counts as a splurge or treat? From shopping to diet, we explored what their attitudes on indulgences look like now, and how the recession generations are fitting luxuries into their lives.

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