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YPulse Trend Report: Generation Wanderlust

Jun 30 2017

Considering 96% of Millennials and Gen Z are interested in travel, it’s no wonder they’re changing the rules when it comes to where to go, what to see, when to plan, and how to budget. Think Airbnb is their favorite way to stay? Think again. Immersing themselves in local culture is certainly at the top of their priorities, but hotels and resorts continue to be trusted for finding deals, feeling safe, and all-in-one perks. This generation has lofty goals—they want to visit far off destinations and continually explore new places. Mixing checks on their bucket list with staycations and local family-oriented trips is how they’re fulfilling that sense of wanderlust. The average Millennial will take more than three trips this year—make sure you know how to be a part of their experience.

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