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Buuut…fashion week in the metaverse turned out to be a flop. 

Apr 06 2023

Buuut…fashion week in the metaverse turned out to be a flop. The Decentraland event featured virtual clothes and exhibits from major brands like Balenciaga, Adidas, and Coach, but it wasn’t loved by its visitors. Although more than 60 brands participated in the event, the virtual spaces were viewed as sloppy and difficult to interact with. The spaces functioned more as virtual showrooms for digital outfits and while they may have been interesting to look at, there wasn’t much else to do. Some of the virtual spaces also had several tech issues, but despite the event, brands are still eager to experiment with metaverse interactions and companies like Meta, Epic Games, and Roblox, are continuing to try and make their various metaverses attractive for them. YPulse’s Metaverse trend report data shows that Gen Z spends way more time in virtual gaming worlds like Minecraft (54%) and Roblox (43%) than they do in places like Decentraland (3%). (The Verge)