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Feminine care brands are creatively working around ad limitations. 

Mar 21 2023

Feminine care brands are creatively working around ad limitations. Brands in this category often find they have to experiment with creative language when it comes to feminine reproductive / sexual health topics. The president of Zestra, an essential oil brand for arousal, said she “approached 100 different media outlets, including cable, network, radio and websites, and found [their] content being rejected by 95% of those” when the brand first started. Even now, companies are having trouble with their marketing and face an ongoing “disparity between male and female-geared products, with erectile dysfunction medications having been freely advertised for decades.” While Meta’s new ad policy says “advertisers can run ads that promote sexual health, wellness and reproductive products and services,” there are still caveats. Vspot has found their educational TikTok videos gain traction, but they’re still frustrated that they’re “trying to reach half the population but can’t say words like ‘pleasure’ without our posts being deleted.” Now, brands like Vspot are moving away from digital ads and banking on head turning storefront ones instead. (Modern Retail)