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Gen Z is snooping and stalking on Spotify. 

Jan 31 2023

Gen Z is snooping and stalking on Spotify. Listeners on the music streaming service who have certain visibility settings turned on may be giving their friends (and sometimes strangers) an inside look into their personal lives. To clarify, the app isn’t giving away any data, but the music we listen to often has a lot to do with our moods and feelings, which invites these “Spotify Snoopers” to make assumptions about what you’re thinking or doing. Over on TikTok, users are confessing how “they discovered their crush is dating someone, while others have shared tips on how to do some snooping of your own.” One Gen Z who “Spotify Snoops” says she “can tell a lot about someone just by their music taste,” and another user shared how she noticed her ex was listening to “Glimpse of Us” by Joji shortly after they broke up, leading her to believe he was thinking about her. (WSJ)