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Social media is making more moms wear makeup while giving birth. 

Jan 13 2023

Social media is making more moms wear makeup while giving birth. While “birthing makeup” is not a new concept, TikTok is certainly making it trend again. The topic has divided parents into two sectors: those who feel that focusing on their appearance in an “emotionally intense” (not to mention physically intense) and life-changing time is ridiculous, and those who feel wearing makeup in the delivery room can be empowering and lift their mood while giving birth. One TikTok video titled, “I Did My Makeup Before Birthing My Baby” has racked up almost 13M views, and Liesel Teen, founder of Mommy Labor Nurse, “estimates that around 30 to 40 percent of those giving birth arrive at the hospital with at least some makeup on, with those who have planned C-sections or inductions more likely to be made-up than those who are in spontaneous labor.” (Allure)