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Kids want Robux so badly that they’re rejecting actual cash. 

Dec 09 2022

Kids want Robux so badly that they’re rejecting actual cash. Lately, parents who have been offering their kids an allowance for household chores are being met with rejection, or rather a negotiation. Metaverse platform Roblox is super popular among young Gen Z and Gen Alpha and they’re prioritizing the gaming world’s virtual currency Robux over IRL cash. Some parents are baffled but there are pros, with one dad confessing, “I don’t even need to have cash in the house. I can just go online and put $5 into their accounts.” But the appeal for these kids is the fact that they’re buying hot items and luxury brands within the virtual world. For example, one 12-year-old “recently bought a virtual Louis Vuitton handbag, while her 10-year-old sister…got a virtual Gucci jacket. Each item cost less than the equivalent of $5 in Robux.” YPulse research shows that most young people can’t afford luxury brands like Gucci, but more high-end companies are making moves in virtual worlds (remember Gucci Town?) to reach them there instead. (WSJ)