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Why is “Post to view” all over TikTok right now? 

Nov 18 2022

Why is “Post to view” all over TikTok right now? Gen Z’s favorite social platform has rolled out a new feature that’s making a ton of users confused at the moment. When scrolling through the For You Page, users have been seeing some videos that are blurred out in the background with the creator’s profile photo covering it and a message that reads, “post to view.” Since November 14th, when the app made its most recent updates, users have been prompted to post a photo or video of their own in order to see someone else’s—sound familiar? Many are already slamming the feature, with one user commenting “They are copying BeReal because it’s popular but they are basically shoving it down our throats.” The extension of their TikTok Now feature (the BeReal copycat) is proving how Gen Z and Millennials use apps for various purposes. YPulse’s The TikTok Effect trend report data shows that 65% of young people don’t like when social media platforms create new features that replicate other social media platforms. (Dexerto)