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Starting today, Discord is introducing a number of new updates. 

Oct 19 2022

Starting today, Discord is introducing a number of new updates. A new App Directory will allow server admins to “browse Discord apps and quickly add them to the servers they manage.” When an app has been added to a server, its “members will be able to type a slash (“/”) to interact with it.” Discord will also be testing premium subscriptions that will give app developers the ability to monetize their work. The platform’s new Activities function, on the other hand, will allow server members creative ways to interact via Voice Channels. For example, all Discord users will have access to two Activities: Putt Party and Watch Together, and Discord Nitro subscribers will have exclusive access to more Activities like Poker Night, Chess, Letter League, and more. YPulse’s Social Media Monitor report data shows that Gen Z is using Discord more than Millennials and, and 22% of Gen Z males use the platform to post content, comment, or send messages at least once a week. (Adweek)