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Schools are taking “a group approach” to help students’ mental health.

Oct 12 2022

Schools are taking “a group approach” to help students’ mental health.In place of their typical homeroom period, some schools are adopting the principles of Crew, an educational program that makes the time into a “home base for social and emotional learning as well as academic support.” Though it’s brief, these small groups open students up to answering questions like, “How can we possibly do our best work if we are concerned about our own mental health,” and “how do you deal when something stressful happens?” These conversations help to eliminate shame in talking about their personal experiences, and build connections between students. Since the pandemic began, it’s estimated that 35K new students have joined the previous 45K participating in Crew; and not all schools are using Crew directly, so the number who are implementing these practices could go beyond that. YPulse data shows that survival skills / coping skills are amongst the top things young people think students should be learning in school that they aren’t currently. (NYT)