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New dating app SOON is made by Gen Z for Gen Z—and is helping them date offline. 

Oct 05 2022

New dating app SOON is made by Gen Z for Gen Z—and is helping them date offline. YPulse’s Dating & Relationships report shows that Gen Z isn’t using dating apps to find serious relationships—and they’re trying new approaches to dating. This prompted graduate students and best friends Alena Titova and Cora Kyler to put their skills together and develop SOON, an app for a generation tired of online dating apps taking them nowhere. The app (available in beta in the Bay Area, California) is prioritizing IRL dating by connecting matches through their platform, but operates to ensure users make actual date plans. Users will be able to “swipe to determine a match, and then view [their] match’s video reply to a SOON prompt to decide if they seem compatible and like someone you’d like to meet IRL.” SOON will give a pair a date and time to meet as well as provide cool date spots in their area. For example, a user “might receive a personal message that has a built-in invitation to meet tomorrow afternoon for tea at Red Bay & a stroll along the pier” and they can reply “yes” for the chat to continue. (Brit + Co)