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Roblox is planning on growing up alongside their players. 

Sep 13 2022

Roblox is planning on growing up alongside their players. The gaming platform is adding age guidelines to its games and will aim their ads at a slightly older audience, while still supporting their millions of young players. At the beginning, the majority of their gamers were under 13-years-old, now the majority are older—and the platform’s many custom brand experiences like Gucci TownSpotify Island, and a Chipotle restaurant are geared towards them. As they add more brand experiences like “portals,” Roblox is also putting a huge emphasis on their creators; their “new ad system will allow creators to drop 3D ads into their own experiences — like a billboard in a sports stadium or on top of a cab in a game — and to get a cut of the ad revenue.” (The Verge)