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British luxury retailer Selfridges is doubling down on its eco and social initiatives. 

Sep 07 2022

British luxury retailer Selfridges is doubling down on its eco and social initiatives. Selfridges launched its Project Earth program in 2020, which laid out a plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. But after reviewing its progress so far, the company is fast-tracking many of its goals to “reinvent retail and create a more sustainable future.” Now, the retailer plans to make all of its transactions sustainable by 2030, starting by ensuring that all of its most environmentally impactful materials are eco-friendly by 2025. Meanwhile, the updated initiative also promises to bring social equality behind the scenes: by 2025, the company plans to ensure that 50% of its director roles are held by women, the gender pay gap is closed, and 16% of its senior leadership team is made up of ethnic minorities. Young Europeans are cause-driven generations, with climate change, gender equality, and civil rights some of the top causes they care about most. Meanwhile, our WE Causes / Charity & Activism report found that 79% of young Europeans say that all brands should do some sort of social good / charitable work. (WWD)