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Young Brits are turning to music for their mental health. 

Aug 31 2022

Young Brits are turning to music for their mental health. A recent report by FREE NOW reveals that 85.7% of British people consider listening to music a vital hobby to maintaining their mental health. While this study does not specifically target young people, it confirms our own findings: YPulse research shows that music is young Europeans’  top hobby, and one they’re turning to in order to maintain their mental health. Our mental health data shows that half of young Europeans have made a playlist to listen to when they’re stressed or sad. Listening to music is also a social experience for these gens who use platforms like Spotify to connect with friends and listen to each other’s playlists. Brands should take seriously the power of music in young people’s lives, and the recent Mastercard “Priceless” Album on Spotify shows that any brand can reach out to these gens through music. (The Line of Best Fit)