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New research shows over a quarter of Gen Z wants to become an influencer. 

Aug 29 2022

New research shows over a quarter of Gen Z wants to become an influencer. According to a HigherVisibility survey, Gen Z is idolizing online celebrities so much that they want to become one themselves—and why wouldn’t they when some of the most popular influencers can make up to $1 million per Instagram post? Of the 1000 16-25-year-olds surveyed, a quarter say that they think there should be social media training in school. Sixteen percent say they would even pay to become an influencer while only about 7% say they would not want to be one. Almost half of males surveyed say they consider the path a “good career choice” and more men than women feel that becoming an influencer “is the only career option for them.” YPulse’s Celebrities and Influencers report data shows 50% of both Gen Z and Millennials say they’d like to be an online celebrity and 32% say they are actively trying to become one. (The Hill)