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Gucci Town is expanding with their new Flora Fantasy metaverse experience.

Aug 10 2022

Gucci Town is expanding with their new Flora Fantasy metaverse experience. Gucci Town hit big in the metaverse with arguably the most detailed luxury fashion realm Roblox has to offer. Gucci is set on adding to the virtual space in support of their Flora Fantasy campaign, highlighting their Gucci Flora fragrance. As the first perfume in the metaverse, the brand is luring young visitors in with “digital wearables, scavenger hunts and brand celebrity ambassador Miley Cyrus” (in avatar form). Since this is the first celeb appearance in Gucci Town, visitors of the realm will be able to snap photos with Miley’s avatar, participate in activities/challenges hosted by her, and earn rewards. While it’s impossible to convey a fragrance in a digital space, Gucci is “offering a virtual iteration of the perfume in the form of a wearable digital fragrance bottle backpack.” While most of Gen Z can’t afford the brand’s luxury products, they are continuing to connect with the gen by embracing virtual reality. (Vogue Business)