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Another day, another brand setting up shop in the metaverse.

Jun 14 2022

Another day, another brand setting up shop in the metaverse. In collaboration with Epic Games, Conceptkicks, and Metavision, Timberland is bringing their Construct: 10061 program to a custom Fortnite island where players can create their own Timberland boots (Metaboots) in a virtual version of the brand’s shoe lab. The climate of the island mimics the various environments customers might wear their boots in and each of the island’s three biomes (forest, arctic, and desert) will consist of “parkour trails” that unveil effects to be brought back to the design lab. YPulse research shows that when young consumers see branded clothing in virtual worlds, that makes them want to buy it for themselves. In fact, our Metaverse Trend Report found that one-third of 13-39-year-olds who play virtual world games say their virtual world life has influenced their real-world style. (MarketingDive)