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Over half of Americans can’t identify an Asian American public figure.

May 31 2022

Over half of Americans can’t identify an Asian American public figure.According to a survey from Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change (LAAUCH) and The Asian American Foundation (TAAF), 58% of Americans are unable to name a prominent Asian American public figure—up from 42% of respondents who said the same in 2021. Of the respondents who named a public figure, the most prominent were Jackie Chan (who is not Asian American) and Bruce Lee, who passed away in the ‘70s. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend report shows that while BIPOC young consumers think representation in the entertainment media and advertising has improved in the last five years, there’s still a long way to go. Seventy-six percent 76% of Asian young consumers tell us they wish they saw more people of their race in TV shows / movies, while LAAUCH and TAAF’s research found that 71% of respondents would like to see more Asian Americans in TV and movies. According to LAAUCH co-founder and TAAF CEO Norman Chen, accurate representation is “more than a Hollywood issue and impacts how people perceive AAPIs in life and at work.” He added: “When you don’t see yourself on TV, and your coworkers who aren’t Asian American don’t see you on TV or in the media, they believe that we’re invisible.” (CNBC)