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Influencer-backed brands are more popular than ever.

Apr 21 2022

Influencer-backed brands are more popular than ever. YPulse’s New Content Creators trend research shows 55% of 13-39-year-olds see social media as a way to make money, while our What’s Next for Work trend research shows 64% of young consumers aspire to be entrepreneurs. While working with brands is a lucrative aspect of content creators’ day jobs, many are expanding their influence—and strengthening their loyal fan base—by launching their own brands. Take Emma Chamberlain’s Chamberlain Coffee, for example, Addison Rae’s beauty line, ITEM Beauty, or Patrick Starr’s beauty line, One/Size, which have all become a reality after building a loyal fan base online. Non-celebrity-level influencers are launching their own brands, too: lifestyle influencer Mélanie Masarin launched Ghia, a line of non-alcoholic aperitifs and spritzes, after sharing about her sober lifestyle on social media, and TikTok creators Kat Wellington and Emily Proctor recently launched a podcast to connect with their followers beyond the app. According to a study from influencer marketing platform Mavrck, 80% of content creators have felt the need to seek alternative income opportunities outside of brand deals, and creating their own brands / services / platforms is one way they’re doing so. Not only do influencer-backed brands tend to garner a lot of buzz, they’re some of the most successful brands due to “that combination of expertise and passion for a niche product, a built-in community of people who really trust their recommendations, and an incredible feedback loop,” explains Dialogue NYC’s CEO. For brands looking to tap into their expertise and reach young consumers, collaborating with Gen Z and Millennials’ fave celebs and influencers is one place to start, while keeping an eye on the long list of influencer-created brands. (Adweek)