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Adidas is entering the metaverse with a bespoke avatar creation platform.

Apr 13 2022

Adidas is entering the metaverse with a bespoke avatar creation platform. Dropping alongside its IRL Ozworld sneaker collection, Adidas’ platform allows users to create an avatar based on “a range of questions that aim to identify their personality,” which are used to “establish the appearance of their digital self.” Created in partnership with Ready Player Me, the AI-powered avatar can be used throughout various virtual worlds and will be decked out in digital apparel inspired by the IRL collection. YPulse’s Metaverse trend research found that the majority of young Europeans are already in the metaverse (even if they’re not calling it that), and half have created a digital avatar. In fact, for Gen Z especially, avatars are becoming an extension of their identities, and what they wear in the metaverse is becoming nearly as important as what they wear in real life. With young Europeans already buying digital products for their avatars and open to more brand interactions, making moves into the metaverse is a major way for brands to reach Gen Z and Millennials. (Fashion United)