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Black Americans are the “fastest growing” vegan demographic in the U.S.

Jan 18 2022

Black Americans are the “fastest growing” vegan demographic in the U.S. We told you that plant-based food is a trend that was accelerated by COVID, and YPulse research found that a vegetarian / vegan diet is among one of the biggest health / wellness trends that young BIPOC consumers are interested in trying. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 8% of African Americans identify as vegan or vegetarian compared to only 3% of the general population. The environment, animal rights, and health are among the reasons people of color say they have switched to a plant-based diet. Restaurants are certainly taking notice: according to Florida-based The Vegan Halal Cart, about 40-60% of their clients are people of color, while The Good Life Food Truck believes more people of color are switching to plant-based diets because of “the increase of information about nutrition currently available.” Thanks to BIPOC influencers, social media is also playing a major part in the shift to plant-based diets in these communities. Shad Durant, who has a growing YouTube channel called Chuckie Vegan, teaches his subscribers “how to veganize their favorite foods at home with a baby spoon,” and we told you about how vegan influencer Tabitha Brown blew up on TikTok for her vegan recipes and cooking tips. (ABC Action News)