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Armpits are the new beauty frontier. 

Jan 07 2022

Armpits are the new beauty frontier. Deodorant has been leveling up its game recently. From aluminum-free options, formulas with trendy ingredients like chlorophyll and fruit enzymes, and even underarm masks, the category is transforming people’s pits. The most prominent deodorant debate among beauty consumers is whether or not to go natural, meaning using a formula that doesn’t contain aluminum. Making the switch isn’t so easy, however, and educating people about their pits and the “adjustment period” their underarms undergo as they detox has become a popular type of beauty content on social media. Meanwhile, others swear by acids as great natural deodorants, with some recommending toners as a solution for going aluminum-free and not being, well, smelly. Brands have released a number of products to appeal to the deodorant-conscious: Megababe added four new formulas to its deodorant lineup last March, including The Green Deo (chlorophyll), The Smoothie Deo (fruit enzymes), and in September 2021 it launched The Geo Deo (baking soda); Dove released an aluminum-free formula a few years back and recently introduced a Dove Even Tone Antiperspirant and a refillable deodorant; and Curie has expanded its aluminum-free deodorant lineup to include the Clay Detox Mask (Curie’s founder notes the 77% of the detox mask sales come from TikTok). (Glossy)