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Kid-friendly TV shows are “bringing joy” to serious issues.

Dec 30 2021

Kid-friendly TV shows are “bringing joy” to serious issues. According to a 2019 NPR/Ipsos poll, 74% of parents in the U.S. said they want their kids to start learning about climate change early. A Nickelodeon study found that “roughly half” of Hispanic and Asian kids and close to three-quarters of Black kids say it’s important that they see their own race reflected on screen, while YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research found that 45% of BIPOC parents had their child watch a TV show/movie because it centered around their race/ethnicity. We told you about the content prioritizing diverse and inclusive causes, and producers are finding ways to engage families and kids by creating “fun, happy shows” touching on issues like climate change, gender identity, and wellness. Last year, Fred Rogers Productions created a half hour special, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, to focus on COVID-19 to help kids cope with the pandemic’s biggest challenges, like virtual learning and social distancing, while highlighting how they could still have fun in those moments. Meanwhile, U.K.-based series Obki educated kids about climate change by featuring a brightly colored alien who travels to Earth and comes up with small ways to make a big difference in order to save the planet. And Australia drama series First Day follows a transgender girl who navigates the world while appreciating the “joyful moments” of life. (Kidscreen)