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Speaking of NYE, young people are “feeling 2022” as they gear up for a new year.

Dec 29 2021

Speaking of NYE, young people are “feeling 2022” as they gear up for a new year. In a video posted on December 27, Taylor Swift shared a clip of her and her cat, Benjamin, adorned with a “I’m Feeling 2022” augmented reality filter set to the track “22 (Taylor’s Version).” In the lead up to the New Year, TikTokers are using the song to celebrate the end of 2021 and get excited for the year ahead—more than 10.6K videos have been created using the song—and Swifties are dubbing it the #ImFeeling2022 TikTok Challenge. One TikToker even revealed the exact time to start listening to “22 (Taylor’s Version)” on NYE to ensure they ring in the New Year as the lyrics sing, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” exactly at midnight (the time is 11:59:18, in case you’re wondering). Tracks from “Red (Taylor’s Version)” have been all over TikTok since the release of Swift’s re-recorded album last month, so it’s only right that young people bring “22 (Taylor’s Version)” energy into 2022. (Elite DailyPEOPLE)