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Revolve is tapping its loyal consumer base to become micro-influencers for the fashion brand.

Nov 19 2021

Revolve is tapping its loyal consumer base to become micro-influencers for the fashion brand. A fan favorite among influencers, Revolve sells clothing from over 500 brands and more than 20 owned brands, and the online retailer is growing fast as it solidifies its position in the fashion influencer space. To connect with its loyal fan base, Revolve is rolling out the Brand Ambassador program to allow existing consumers to act as influencers for the brand and receive rewards and prizes for engaging with their favorite brands / products. And considering that influencers / online celebrities are the most-trusted public figure group among Gen Z, Revolve’s ambassador program could be an ever bigger boon for a brand that is already winning over young shoppers. Revolve notes that ambassadors can create customized landing pages that mimic storefronts where they can add “favorites” and curate products around specific themes. Ambassadors’ social channels can link to their Revolve storefronts, and they can also receive commissions and exclusive incentives like early access to new brands and participation in #RevolveAroundtheWorld trips and the Revolve Festival. Additionally, four ambassadors from four follower count tiers who drive the most sales from their links will have a chance to create their own Revolve capsule collection, giving influencers an incentive to engage with the program. Over 3,000 members were onboarded to the program during its soft launch, and around 10,000 people applied. (Glossy)