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Young singles are “just going for it” in their post-lockdown love lives.

Nov 10 2021

Young singles are “just going for it” in their post-lockdown love lives. Many expected summer 2021 to be the hot vaxx summer everyone was waiting for post-COVID vaccine, and a new motto young singles are embracing is to “just have fun with it.” Taking leaps of faith like matching and meeting up with new people while traveling, saying “yes” to more things, and traveling long distances to visit a date they met once are a few ways young singles are prioritizing spontaneity in their next stage of dating. Ariana, a Manhattan-based digital designer, notes, “I still use dating apps, but I’ve tried to put myself out there more in real-life,” as she describes how she is trying to be more spontaneous by saying “yes” to more after spending more time inside during the pandemic. YPulse’s Finding Love Post-COVID trend research found that many young consumers were waiting until there was a COVID-19 vaccine to start dating, and 51% agree they will be dating much more often once COVID-19 is over. (Bustle)