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Tinder’s whodunit-themed “Swipe Night” experience is helping young singles form deeper connections. 

Nov 09 2021

Tinder’s whodunit-themed Swipe Night experience is helping young singles form deeper connections. Since debuting in 2019, Tinder’s Swipe Night has helped users match with like-minded individuals and facilitate deeper connections—20 million users tuned into the app’s first iteration of Swipe Night, and saw a 26% increase in matches. Now, the interactive experience is making a comeback with Swipe Night: Killer Weekend (which went live on Tinder’s Explore page November 7), a whodunit experience where users must figure out who out of the six birthday party guests murdered the man of honor. Turning Swipe Night into a murder mystery was in direct response to a 20% uptick in users saying they’re interested in true crime in their bios, and Tinder’s VP of product, core experience notes that the whodunit aspect naturally lends to more conversation starters between users while giving them the opportunity to dive right into conversation after watching, rather than waiting to match with someone to start talking about the show. With more dating apps adding interactive features to help users establish more meaningful connections, Tinder sees narrative entertainment as becoming part of its core service considering how well Swipe Night has performed on top of earning an Emmy nomination. (Fast Company)