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The pandemic changed the way (some) parents relate to their kids.

Oct 28 2021

The pandemic changed the way (some) parents relate to their kids. Nearly half of Millennial parents tell YPulse that because of COVID, they gave up on a lot of rules for their kids, and other research shows that the pandemic shifted parenting styles for many. According to Smartypants, the number of parents who report using a “friendly” style increased from 18% to 30% in 2020, and in 2021, ​​37% of parents of kids and tweens say they are their children’s “peer-ent” (a.k.a. more of a friend than an authority figure). The isolation caused by COVID quarantines is a likely reason—during shutdowns, Millennial parents needed to be teachers and daycare providers, but also playmates to kids who were cut off from their actual peers. However, income, race, and culture impact the number who report a more lenient parenting approach, with higher income and White parents more likely to be “in the friend zone.” (Kidscreen)