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Some Black influencers experiencing racism are leaving TikTok for other platforms.

Sep 21 2021

Some Black influencers experiencing racism are leaving TikTok for other platforms. While many Black creators have joined the app to show off their creations, interests, and talk about social justice issues, some have had to deal with receiving racist comments from other users. Some Black users have also claimed that when they call out other accounts’ posts for racist posts, they have gotten banned for violating guidelines. This isn’t the first time Black users on the app have reported having issues with TikTok: The #ImBlackMovement started last spring when Black users spoke out about being censored, while many Black dancers have gone on strike to avoid getting their dances appropriated or stolen without credit. Some Black creators have decided to leave the app altogether to try out new platforms like Fanbase, an “Instagram-esque” app that lets users charge their followers for access to bonus content, while others have tested Clapper, which is a “TikTok look-alike.” While the two apps have a significantly smaller user base than TikTok, Sensor Tower data reports that they have around 100K and 10K downloads. While TikTok is aware of the situation and has released statements committing to diversity and inclusion and launched creator funds, some Black users say they still aren’t seeing much of a difference, while a few feel like they’ve invested so much time into TikTok that they have no choice but to stay. According to one Black user: “I’m trying to keep my head up, and trying to keep fighting. I don’t want to be defeated by an app.” (LA Times)