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Retailers are doubling down on kids’ apparel brands and discounts to appeal to BTS shoppers.

Jul 22 2021

Retailers are doubling down on kids’ apparel brands and discounts to appeal to BTS shoppers. JCPenny, Walmart, and Target are gearing up for what’s expected to be a big spending season for back-to-school shopping, with Customer Growth Partners projecting retail sales to experience a 16% year-over-year increase this year. JCPenny recently launched Thereabouts, an adaptive kids’ apparel brand aimed at empowering children with disabilities to “feel confident and capable in the clothes they wear.” The line includes a variety of kid staples like sleepwear, outerwear, and footwear that flaunt today’s trends (think Cottagecore, bold colors, and sneaker-friendly dresses). Walmart is also betting on its collaboration with Justice to drive traffic and interest for back-to-school styles as it brings tween fashion, jewelry, accessories, and home items to 2,400 Walmart stores and online. The retailer is also expanding its skincare offerings ahead of BTS season with a new line called Bubble aimed at “addressing the unique skincare needs of young skin.” Target is focusing on affordability through its tax-free weekends, Teacher Prep Event, and the retailer notes that more than 80% of its BTS collection is under $10. YPulse found that 57% of Millennial parents went back-to-school shopping last year even amid remote learning, and it appears retailers are prepared for school spending to return no matter what the fall semester looks like. (Sourcing JournalAdweek)