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Back-to-school shopping has officially begun.

Jul 01 2021

Back-to-school shopping has officially begun. Following Amazon Prime Day, which also inspired other retailers to have sales, school shopping is already officially on as parents and kid-friendly brands prep “for one of [the] biggest back-to-school and college seasons ever.” Amazon made back-to-school shopping a major focus during last week’s sales, with a collection of “School & College” and “Back To School Deals” product pages, and reported in an email that it sold 600,000 backpacks, 1 million laptops, 240,000 notebooks, 40,000 calculators, and 220,000 Crayola products. That’s just the beginning of what analysts expect to be a long summer of school spending. Apparel also experienced a 78.2% jump in sales compared to 2020. After last year’s drastically different back-to-school shopping season, it appears consumers are ready to go all out on school gear this summer. (Modern Retail)