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Gen Z is the future of secondhand clothing.

Jun 28 2021

Gen Z is the future of secondhand clothing. In a survey of 3,500 U.S. consumers conducted by thredUP and GlobalData, the online thrift store found that secondhand shopping is here to stay post-pandemic—and Gen Z is helping grow the industry. More than 33 million people bought secondhand for the first time during the pandemic, and 76% of those shoppers say they plan to increase their resale spending in the next five years (the market is currently valued at $36 billion and is expected to grow to $77 billion in five years). While many young consumers are still shopping from fast fashion retailers like Zara and Shein, they’re also shopping from secondhand marketplaces for similar reasons: the thrill of constant shopping and affordable prices. In fact, YPulse’s research shows that secondhand clothing is the number one eco-friendly product they have purchased. ThredUP’s vice president of marketing notes that Gen Z’s shopping mindset is totally different than previous generations: Gen Z is 165% more likely than Boomers to consider the resale value of clothing, they’re 83% more likely to consider that apparel can have multiple owners, and they’re 33% more likely to sell clothing instead of throwing it away. (Refinery29)