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Are you sitting down?

Mar 01 2016

Are you sitting down? Because this one may be a shocker: “Adults are as addicted—if not more addicted—to technology as teenagers.” Millennials are often accused of not being able to put their phones down during dinner, but a recent survey found that Baby Boomers are the most likely age group to be tech-offenders at the table. Half (52%) of 50-64-year-olds say they use technology during meals, compared to 40% of 21-34-year-olds, and 38% of 15-20-year-olds. Although older generations may not be addictively Snapchatting, they are devoted to their emails: “over 50% of employees check their company email over the weekend and before or after work. Another found that 40% of employees think it’s fine to respond to important work emails during family dinners.” (Priceonomics