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The Top 10 Brands Young Europeans Want to Work For

YPulse’s new Employer Intent Index lets users track the top companies young consumers are excited to work for. Here are their top 10 across the countries in Western Europe…


  • As young Europeans reevaluate their careers and seek more meaningful work, they want to work for their favorite tech brands the most
  • The brands they’re turning to for video- and gaming-based entertainment also make their lists of brands they want to work for
  • They want to work for their favorite fashion brands, too

Last year, YPulse explored what The Great Resignation looks like in Western Europe in our WE What’s Next For Work trend report. And long story short, we found that the pandemic has provoked a monumental shift in young Europeans’ relationships to work and how they’re forging ahead in their careers. Back then, one in five Gen Z and Millennials in Western Europe had changed jobs in the past year, showing that young Europeans have indeed fueled The Great Resignation. More recently, we published our WE Employment and Career Goals report, which shows that this trend is far from over: 39% of young Europeans plan to get a new job in the next year as they seek better opportunities—which includes more meaningful work. In fact, the majority of young Europeans tell YPulse that they would rather have a career where they’re passionate about the work but don’t make a lot of money versus a high-paying job that they aren’t passionate about. And when asked what’s important to them when thinking about their careers, Gen Z and Millennials’ top answer is “a job that I enjoy doing.”

For employers, this means that attracting talent is harder than ever—after all, with so many open positions, it’s an employee’s market, and young Europeans know it. To win over young workers, many brands have added perks, raised starting salaries, and even crafted roles tailored to target young people’s interests. But what young Europeans are really looking for in their careers can be gleaned from the brands they want to work for most—and this data is available through our brand tracker.

YPulse is already tracking affinity for over 1,000 of the world’s leading brands on a daily basis, and we recently added a new question to our Brand Tracker to assess how likely young consumers are to consider working for each brand in the future. The resulting Employer Intent Index and analysis give current YPulse Pro users a clear view of whether Gen Z and Millennials want to work for your brand, top employers and rising stars, and insight into what might be influencing their employer preferences. The top brands they want to work for are decided by an index score combining two measures: young consumers’ likelihood to work for a brand and their awareness of the brand. Here are the top 10 brands among Gen Z and Millennials in Western Europe in the Employer Index, among the brands YPulse is currently tracking:

Young Europeans want to work for their favorite tech brands the most

Across all the countries in Western Europe, Google, YouTube, and Apple are the brands that appear on young consumers’ lists of companies they want to work for most. And though Google doesn’t make its way onto young Spanish consumers’ list at all, it’s the top company young consumers in every other region want to work for. In fact, when we asked young Europeans the open-end question “If you could work for any company in the world, what company would you most like to work for?” Google is their top answer—followed by Apple and Amazon. In other words, the tech brands they use and love most are the companies they most want to be employed by, too.

YouTube also ranks high among all young Europeans, being the second or third brand they most want to work for, and with good reason—Gen Z and Millennials have grown up on YouTube, and it’s one of their favorite apps and social platforms, one of the top places they’re watching video content, where they’re discovering and listening to music, and a top way they’re learning new skills. Meanwhile, YouTubers are some of the public figures they trust the most, and watching videos on YouTube is a top way young Europeans are spending their free time. In other words, YouTube is deeply embedded in their lives—so why wouldn’t they want to work there, too?

Their favorite entertainment brands also make the list

Between Netflix, PlayStation, Nintendo and Amazon Prime Video, the brands young Europeans are turning to most for entertainment are also some of the top places they want to work. Netflix has long been popular with young consumers, but it became ubiquitous during the pandemic: the BBC reports that for the first time ever, more households in the U.K. have a Netflix subscription than pay for cable or satellite. Netflix itself reported that it ended 2020 with over 203 million paid subscribers, a rise of 22% from 2019, and App Annie found that the Netflix app was 2020’s fastest-growing entertainment product when measured by time spent on the app. Though many consumers are dropping their subscriptions in the post-pandemic landscape, the streaming platform still dominates young Europeans’ favorite TV shows, and our data shows that Netflix is by far the top streaming service 13-39-year-olds in Western Europe are using to watch video content, with nearly three-quarters of young Europeans subscribing to the service.

Meanwhile, the ubiquity of gaming has only continued to grow among young consumers, and nearly 100% of young Europeans are now playing video games of some kind. With gaming a huge way these gens are passing the time and keeping entertained, it makes sense that they would want to work for brands like Nintendo and PlayStation that make their beloved pastime possible.

And they want to work for their favorite sportswear brands, too

Nike has never ceased to be a favorite among young consumers, and now it’s one of the top places they want to work, too. While young consumers cite the brand’s comfort and inclusion as major reasons that they like it, Nike has also continued to build successful campaigns and social media strategies that engage Gen Z and Millennials, and make them feel a part of something big. Now, young Europeans say Nike is one of the overall coolest brands, one of the luxury brands they most want to own (despite it not being a luxury brand), the brand they feel the strongest sense of community around, and it’s the brand with the highest YPulse+ score. With all that in mind, why wouldn’t they want to work there, too?

Beyond Nike, Adidas also makes four of the five top ten lists—and is the place young Spanish consumers want to work the most. Adidas also makes young Europeans’ list of coolest brands, and they’re working to keep it that way by entering the metaverse. Earlier this year, the brand released a bespoke avatar creation platform, which allows users to create an avatar based on “a range of questions that aim to identify their personality,” which are used to “establish the appearance of their digital self.” Created in partnership with Ready Player Me, the AI-powered avatar can be used throughout various virtual worlds and will be decked out in digital apparel inspired by the IRL collection. With digital fashion now nearly as important to young consumers as their IRL ‘fits, creating a way for Gen Z and Millennials to stay cool in the metaverse is making Adidas a favorite among these gens—and making it a top brand they want to work for.

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