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You Got #Krissed is One of the Top Trending Hashtags This Month

According to Gen Z, trends start on TikTok first before spreading to other platforms–here are four hashtags that have been trending on the platform this month…


  • Kris Jenner is TikTok’s Rick Roll in this very Gen Z take on scare jump videos
  • TikTokers are getting sentimental while imagining the multiverse exists
  • A drink that gives you an “internal shower” (yuck) is trending
  • Over-the-top beauty filters are getting called out and compared to reality

#Krissed (839.9M Views)
YPulse is always watching for the latest viral TikTok trends, and now users better keep up (pun intended) because a clip of Kris Jenner singing and dancing along to the song “Lady Marmalade” from the Moulin Rouge musical is taking over users’ FYP’s. Earlier this month, #Krissed trended on TikTok, and mindless scrollers were baited into videos surrounding juicy celebrity gossip and later jump-scared by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians mom. (Think of it as modern day Rick Rolling.) TikTokers cut the clip into videos of all kinds (11K so far) usually finishing with text that reads, “You just got Krissed!” The hashtag has reached over 800 million views so far, and that number is growing as more people are finding even sneakier ways to #Kris their friends. In fact, the trend has spawned even more content trends, with users sharing videos of fan art memorializing Kris’s now iconic green sparkle dress with bow tie, and clips of them bringing the #Krissed trend into the real world under the hashtag. Oh, and the trend has infiltrated Roblox as well

#Multiverse (3B Views)
If the multiverse is real, we hope TikTok never stops making wholesome content. Gen Z and Millennials are sharing theories on their favorite app under the hashtag #Multiverse (currently at 3 billion views) inspired by Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once. Creators are setting up videos with Stephen Sanchez’s song “Until I Found You,” using the phrase, “If the multiverse is real, I hope…” and finishing it with heart-wrenching, sometimes comical, sentiments. As Bustle reported, one user (@midwestavenger) “paired the bittersweet song and trend with the memory of his late sister, his post reading, ‘if the multiverse is real, I hope there’s one where I still have my big sister.’” His video has amassed over 420,000 views and is filled with comments in support of his grief. Other popular videos share love for the people in their lives with text like @dadabi’s “If the multiverse is real I hope you’re my best friend in every one of them,” or share intimate vulnerabilities, like @18hens’s “If the multiverse is real I hope  there’s a version of me out there that’s truly happy and healthy. That’s all.” These videos are racking up views and tears are being shed as users share their feelings via the multiverse concept. YPulse’s Content Cure Report data shows 77% of 13-39-year-olds say they enjoy pure/wholesome content.

#InternalShowerDrink (6.8M Views)
We told you that #healthycoke is one of the beverage trends currently taking over TikTok, but another wellness-based one that took over this month is the “internal shower drink,” which…really isn’t as gross as it sounds. The drink itself is just glorified lemon water, and features the ingredients of water, chia seeds and juice of half a lemon. On TikTok, the hashtag #internalshowerdrink has over 2.3 million views, while #internalshower has more than 31.9 million views. According to TikTokers, videos claim that the drinks help with everything from constipation to bloating, while others say it “cleanses” or “detoxes” after consuming alcohol or fast food. Buuuut, there’s an issue being raised on the hashtag as well, with _mimzilla posting a video with over 60K views with the caption, “it’s not “internal showers” it’s Aztec traditional drink please stop #colonizing things.” So while brands might be keep to jump on the latest #healthy #cleanse trend, be aware that while popular this is one that has some calling out for recognition of the culture it came from.

#FilterVsReality (115.6M Views)
YPulse research shows 46% of 13-39-year-olds have edited their physical appearance in a photo or video before posting it to social media and females are more likely than males to say they wish they could look the way social media filters make them look IRL. Clearing acne, whitening teeth, softening features, and even changing facial structure are widely used editing techniques used among social media users, and many facial filters can be used to instantly make these changes, plus adding makeup in many cases. But Glossy reports that Gen Z has been pushing against the “over-the-top AI beauty filter” with various trends that poke fun of how extreme and potentially damaging they are. Hashtags like #filtervsreality (115.6 million views) and #FilterDrop (7.6 million views) have gained momentum, with influencers like TikTok star Charli D’Amelio participating. Videos under these hashtags, and viral audios like “This is not my face,” usually show the user with the intense filter and then without to highlight just how much they alter appearances. Brands like E.l.f. Beauty, and Urban Decay are supporting this movement and CVS is even refusing to work with influencers who use beauty filters when promoting their products.