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The Friday Don’t Miss List

Your weekly round-up of the topics we’ve covered this week along with all the things that might not have made it in our posts the first time around, but that you should not miss…







1. Win Tix to the Ypulse Millennial Mashup and Naming the Next Generation!
Next week we are excited to host the 7th Annual Ypulse Millennial Mashup with industry experts and keynote speaker Randi Zuckerberg, and we’re Naming the Next Generation with Neil Howe, the generational guru who coined the term “Millennials.” Don’t miss the chance to enter our raffle to win tickets to the events! (Raffle closes Monday June 24th.)



2. We Called It: Insta-Video 
Almost two months ago we speculated that the moving images like GIFs would soon overtake flat images in our increasingly visual culture, and that Instagram might have to follow suit. Now don’t miss that yesterday Facebook struck back at Vine’s popularity by adding, might we say stunning, video capabilities to Instagram. While feelings from users are mixed, with supporters of #teamvine rooting for the incumbent on Twitter, some say it’s comparing apples and oranges. But exposure for brands on Instagram is now amplified, and Lululemon, Burberry and Gap were the first out of the video gate as marketers vying for attention from Instagram’s 130 million users. 

3. Silent Discos’ Not-So-Silent Buzz
We told you about silent discos, their origin in the ‘90s abroad, and how they’re now making their mark with young partiers in the U.S. So don’t miss that next weekends’ Electric Forest Festival is hosting its first silent disco, along with glow-in-the-dark mini golf, live painting, indie favorites and a pop-up restaurant. Also on deck this summer is the Sunset Strip Music Festival in West Hollywood, offering festival-goers a silent disco, beer garden, artist autograph tent and food trucks galore. Millennials, party on. 

4. The Rise in Popularity for Pop Stars
In this week’s Essentials we mentioned the domination of pop-stars in the social media sphere, and how they’re connecting with fans with constant coverage to prevail over old-hat movie stars who are less likely to use the services. So you shouldn’t miss that now pop-stars are using Vine and new Instagram video to release real-time high-quality and intimate content. Taylor Swift’s first Vine is being considered “sort of bizarre” (but still getting her attention) and other musicians from Tyler the Creator to Paul McCartney are using video streaming to give inside access to fans.

5. The Links We’re Passing
Remember when War Heads, the sourest suckers, were the gold of candy to tweens and teens? Well, don’t miss that pucker-worthy foods are trending for grownups, and breweries seeing an increase in tart and bitter beer drinkers. While many are turning to sour snacks, New Yorkers are still lining up around the block for their sweet Cronut fix, even out-sourcing the wait time in what is called the “cronut black market.” Foodies who get their hands on some can celebrate alongside Leo DiCaprio, whose dance moves went majorly viral this week thanks to a GIF from his The Wolf on Wall Street movie trailer.