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Looking Back At How Millennials Spent Their Summer

Today’s post comes from Ypulse team member Coby Mire.

Looking Back At How Millennials Spent Their Summer

As the last official week of summer approaches, Labor Day weekend is already behind us, and many students across the country are feeling the autumn air on the horizon, we wanted to look back on how Millennials felt about their summer. We’ve been checking in with them throughout the summer to find out how it’s going and what they’re up to. For our last check-in of the summer, we reached out to 290 Millennials via a mobile survey and as most of them told us, summer 2012 was a great time with an assortment of activities!

When asked overall how their summer was, a majority of Millennials (70%) told us their summer was either good or amazing. Less than 1 in 10 (7%) said it wasn’t that great, while almost a quarter (23%) felt neutral about their summer, saying it was just okay. It seems that for most Millennials, the summer was overall pretty consistent. When comparing this to responses for the same question asked back in July, there was almost no change. Furthermore, a little over half (52%) of the Millennials we talked to felt that this summer was better than last year and less than 1 in 5 (19%) actually felt that it was worse.

It should come as no surprise that Millennials enjoyed their summer — they mostly spent their time hanging out with friends (86%), going to the beach/pool (66%), and travelling within the U.S. (57%). A handful of Millennials also traveled outside the U.S. (14%) to places such as China, Korea, Canada, India, and various countries in Europe. This summer will surely be one to remember for a few of those who told us they were able to make it to the London Olympics!

As we discovered at the start of the summer, Millennials find family time especially important. 84% of Millennials stated that hanging out with family members was part of their summer activities, and road trips and family vacations were quite popular reasons as to why they had a good summer.

Summer is also a time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors, and Millennials definitely try to take advantage of the break from school to do this. But that isn’t to say that summer is all fun and games. A little over a third (38%) of the Millennials we talked to spent their summer working at a job or internship. Many of those who felt their summer was just okay or not that great said working or the need to spend money was the main reason for feeling this way.

But all in all, they had a summer of fun and viewed it as a time to relax and feel refreshed from their otherwise busy lives.

          Coby Mire

Coby MireWhile studying marketing at Louisiana State University, Coby discovered his passion for researching and analyzing consumers. Shortly thereafter, he took a trip up the Mississippi River to St. Louis, where he interned with Maritz Research and went on to complete his Master of Marketing Research degree at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Now at Ypulse, he enjoys digging into cool facts about the ever-changing Millennial generation. A new resident of New York City, the Big Apple has become his home and playground, but true to his Louisiana roots, he still enjoys cooking gumbo and cheering on his LSU Tigers.