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10 Questions With An 18-Year-Old: Jordan Orris

Questions With A Millennial

We’re kicking off a new feature where we chat with a Millennial about everything they’re into, what media they’re consuming, trends they’re seeing, etc. to help marketers better understand this age group. For today’s post, we spoke with Jordan Orris, an 18-year-old rising college freshman, about her habits and preferences to provide a perspective on this audience.

What’s a typical day like for you this summer?

This summer hasn’t really been typical, that’s the thing. As a graduating senior, the first three weeks of June were filled with end of the year “stuff”. Before school got out it was senior week, finals, and senior check-out, then after June 7, I had more “stuff”: grad rehearsals, grad parties, and finally on June 19, graduation actually happened. It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, especially since I was the one honored to lead the turning of the tassels. Then, literally two hours after graduation, I boarded a plane to Mobile, Alabama for the Distinguished Young Women of America competition. While there, I met 49 other talented, scholarly, and beautiful young leaders from across the country. I really noticed some cross-cultural trends like the traditional “pop vs. soda vs. Coke” debate. But what was really unique is that we had limited access to our phones throughout the day, so it was a way to blissfully escape the social media jungle for a little while.

Now I’m preparing to start my freshman year at AUBURN UNIVERSITY! I spent two weeks in Mobile and twelve days in Auburn, AL. It was so fun getting to know the area and attending orientation (Camp War Eagle Session Nine, Group 19!) Oh, and I have full season football tickets. 😉

Jordan Orris QuestionsWhat’s one hobby that you’re really into right now?
Pinning my “Barbie Dream Life” on Pinterest and launching my own website. I just bought my own domain with my graduation money ($4- what a steal!); and I’m going to be using Tumblr as my blog, so that will be interesting, to say the least.

What are 5 things you couldn’t live without?

1. Bible/Bible Study book/Notebook/Pen (this counts as a package deal!)
2. If “things” are people: my wonderful family and friends, the memories I’ve collected with them, and the pictures to prove it.
3. Pandora radio stations, perfectly cultivated using the Music Genome Project to my tastes. Power Fitness (with Top 40) in the AM to get me jazzed, and sleepy, ambient classical to go to bed.
4. The ancient MacBook (not Pro) that runs Tiger. Can’t wait to get my new laptop for college! Hopefully once the new OS comes out so I don’t have to load more software.
5. My business card collection. It’s pretty legit. I probably need to set up a LinkedIn, but there’s something about an embossed business card with a fancy logo that makes you feel special.

What are your favorite apps right now?

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Messenger (not the full Facebook — it crashes a lot)

What TV shows are you into these days?

I have a bunch of “Bunheads” episodes stored up on my DVR. Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of my all-time favorite “Gilmore Girls” delivers again! Plus we have the box set of “The West Wing,” and I like to think of myself as the conservative version of C.J. Cregg.

Who are your favorite artists at the moment?

Jonas Brothers (THEY ARE COMING BACK, and if you don’t believe me, check out their YouTube), One Direction, and some cover artists like Tyler Ward, Tiffany Alvord, Tanner Patrick, Alex Goot, etc.

Any blogs you’re into?

Whatever looks cute on Pinterest. There’s this design blog called August Fields that I really adore. It was the journey of their whole family building their house and then decorating it together!

What’s your preferred social network these days and why?

Refer to Pinterest. I can design the life I “want” (but most likely won’t have everything on that extremely long dream life list), and then show others about my life in a completely different way. It’s like Facebook without the “look at me” aspect, more of “look at the life I want to lead/ already lead” rationale.

Where do you typically like to shop?

A good anchor store (i.e. Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Macy’s, and if you’re lucky, Neiman Marcus), and the classics: J. Crew, Target, and Forever 21.

What’s one trend you’re noticing right now among your generation?

An attachment to social media, the computer, and not knowing how to get out of our own way mentality. I see it in my peers and in myself. I wish I had the ability to deplug from electronics a lot more.