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Youth Take Social Action

Young Volunteers

More and more young people around the world are taking positive social action to inspire global change and tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today. Just how are they doing it? YAB member Nathaniel Lewis caught up with Ashleigh Sean Rolle, the Youth Ambassador for One Young World in The Bahamas, a global gathering of young world changers, to talk about her role in this dynamic organization and how Gen Y can partake in simple, yet meaningful action to improve their local communities, and by extension, our planet….

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Youth Take Social Action

What is your name, age and birth location?

My name is Ashleigh Sean Rolle, I am 19 years old, and I was born in Nassau, Bahamas.

What social activity/organization are you involved in?

I am part of the organization One Young World. 

What is One Young World all about?

One Young World is a global platform that realizes that young people are not the leaders of tomorrow, but rather, the leaders of today. One Young World has been recognized as a Young Davos; it is a place where young leaders from around the world come to collaborate with each other. The organization provides a platform for young people to create resolutions and have them heard by world leaders and people of influence.

What is your role is this particular organization?

My role in this particular organization is serving as the One Young World Ambassador for The Bahamas. I represent the organization in any project that would be asked of me, and I have the liberty to create OYW impact projects that allow me to help people in my community.

What does “social action” mean to you?

To me, social action means believing in a cause strongly enough to not care about being judged. To me it means not only advocating for the rights of others, but also taking a stand against what may or may not be a social norm.

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the world today and what can young people do help solve it?

That’s a really tough question just because there are so many challenges in the world that I personally cannot narrow it down to one being the greatest. If I had to pinpoint one though, it would be extreme hunger and poverty. Many young people have this thought in their heads that when we talk about hunger or poverty, we are automatically speaking about certain African countries. However in reality, all we need to do is look in our backyards. I think one way young people can help solve this crisis within the U.S. is by encouraging agricultural entrepreneurship. I feel as if this is an amazing way to teach the masses how to feed themselves as well as how to contribute to a sustainable environment.

What encouragement would you give to a young person about taking social action?

To any young person wanting to make a difference through social action, I would have to say make whatever you are advocating for a part of your everyday life and never be afraid to take a different approach.

Nathaniel Prince Lewis

Nate Prince LewisNathaniel is a Bahamian film producer, screenwriter, actor, social-entrepreneur, and author, born in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas. Having a passion for the arts (mainly film and theater) and advancing positive global change from a very young age, he’s been involved in many local theater productions in The Bahamas and has served as a motivational speaker and leadership trainer at events and seminars throughout North America, including in The Bahamas, Canada, and the United States. He also participated in the Bahamas National Youth Parliament 2009 and was elected Deputy Speaker by his peers. Nathaniel has successfully authored his first book “Triumph: Poetic Expressions of Success,” produced the award-winning short film “Politicking in Paradise” (which won best short at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on Location: Grand Bahamas Island), and is now the Executive Producer and host of the upcoming web series “The Prince’s Lounge.” In his spare time, he enjoys theatre, traveling, nightlife, and public speaking.